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I don't think I have ever seen a more perfect video that sums everything up so perfectly. I will show this to everyone who has not seen this show, just to get them to watch it!

I bloody well cried. Heart-wrenching to any Sherlockian" <----agree!I didn't expect it to be THIS brilliant. The music, the montage and the most perfect quotes;

<3 esp when he's Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!

When We In The House . . . DANGER!

Me too!!! I was so shocked when he jumped!! Then when John came to talk to his friend I lost it!!! And I screamed at Sherlock when he was just standing there watching!

i wasn't bawling, but it affected me a lot. not that i was convinced sherlock was dead, it was just that john was so upset. i want john to know he's not dead. i want him to know so much. that's what broke my heart.