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Minimalist Poster Quote Oscar Wilde - Ryan McArthur, Design Different

Oscar Wilde - Minimalist Poster Quote

Title : ORIGINALITY Article 01018 "Be yourself;" - Oscar Wilde This original print was inspired by Oscar Wilde's famous quote. A single one of a kind finger print re

21 Signs You're an INFJ Personality Type (INFJ Refuge Images)

21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images}

21 Signs You're an INFJ Personality Type (INFJ Refuge Images) This is my life. I am truly an infj

INFJs can be so many things to so many people. And they’re inclined to layer their multidimensional depth below a multitude of layers, each layer safeguarding their essence from the probability of refutation, while simultaneously facing the onslaught of summons for their strength in sensitivity

INFJ - Never one dimensional. Even if we always try to shove everyone else in boxes.

They becee have to be about appearances. Tell me that I brighten your day; that my advice helps you; that my presence is important to you

I'd like to hear compliments on more than just my looks.like someone is happy that I exist or I make life easier.

Anger and conflict and INFJ  From: iaminfj.tumblr.com

INFJs are especially sensitive to unexpressed anger and conflict, whose presence is usually denied by others.This contributes to the sense of separateness from others. and i really feel this hidden anger sooo much :(((

Letters to my Daughter, Should I Ever Have One

Letters to my Daughter, Should I Ever Have One

Poem is typed on x hand pressed hemp paper using a 1955 Olympia Please note if you'd like signature on front or back

INFJ Quotes

INFJ Quotes- and I do struggle with frequent bouts of depression. I feel like I'm completely alone, ABC audio don't want to bother anyone else with my problems.

I agree.  I hated gatherings growing up because we'd always stick to minor complaints and the superficial.

"Shallow and menial conversations of everyday life can confuse and frustrate INFJs. We would much rather ask for life stories and sincere problems. When we ask "How are you?" we mean it on the deepest and sincerest possible level." - Indeed we do!

Maybe people think i'm wrong or weird for believing and feeling this but it's true for me

Happy personality and deep ( serious) soul in one body. I was literally just thinking about this tonight and trying to figure out a way to explain it to someone.