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Funny pictures about A guy broke into my apartment. Oh, and cool pics about A guy broke into my apartment. Also, A guy broke into my apartment.


Funny pictures about Confessions of a drunk baby. Oh, and cool pics about Confessions of a drunk baby. Also, Confessions of a drunk baby photos.

Itsi pitsi spider:)

I HATE SPIDERS.but this is funny! I just tried to kill a spider with hairspray. He's still alive, but his hair looks outstanding.

Cheating husband BURN...literally! You GO girl!

Funny pictures about The Perfect Revenge. Oh, and cool pics about The Perfect Revenge. Also, The Perfect Revenge.

Doorbell broken... I want to do this just to see who would actually yell, and who would just come in. LOL

Doorbell broken

Funny pictures about Doorbell broken. Oh, and cool pics about Doorbell broken. Also, Doorbell broken.

now that would be funny - so college!  That's what I miss - everyone trying to teach everyone else not to take themselves too seriously!

And now we wait…

My roommate is on a date and said he's convinced she's coming home with him. I've covered his room in Justin bieber posters. Now we wait. I pity the guy

funny disney quotes - Google Search

Where are you going? Oh i'm just headed to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. That funny I was just heading to P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney Oh Dory


hahaha mind your own business folks, cuz you might get poked in the eye by a mental hospital patient.

haha! i used to send my friends a very similar text when i was single & dating... i never accidentally sent it to my date though :\

I love when texts are sent to the wrong person.just not when I send a text to the wrong person lol

Bahahahahah!! wish i could do all these things

This guy deserves a medal!!!!!

This Guy. Whoever he is. He's my hero! Why one wife new cheeses to shop alone warm 21 husband or boyfriend whco shoppe rug. This letter WTS mm by " Ttritt. ir this guy deserves a medal Shopping hero