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Educación Minimamente Invasiva

The "hole in the wall" that Sugata Mitra built his model upon. Children are naturally curious and want to learn.

Centre for Child Honouring: Covenant & Principles

Centre for Child Honouring: Covenant & Principles

Another hole in the wall, with peer tutoring amongst the children.

Sugata Mitra: What the Slumdog Guru Did Next

¿Qué metodologías educativas conoces? | Educación y Cultura : Revista AZ

TED Talk Asks: How Can We Build A School In The Cloud? Sugata Miltra SOLE Self Organized learning Environments Broadband + Collaboration + encouragement & Admiration

Wired Magazine has featured 12-year-old Mexican schoolgirl Paloma Noyola Bueno from Matamoros, Tamaulipas on the cover of their November issue, hailing her as the next Steve Jobs. Thanks to the teaching methods of Sergio Juarez Correa, Paloma has become one of the top students in the country.

Inspiring story on the cover of Wired: 12 year old Paloma Noyola Bueno recently received the highest math testing score in all of Mexico.

TED Prize Winner: The School In the Cloud | LinkedIn

At the School in the Cloud, volunteer ‘grannies’ use Skype to help some of the world’s poorest children teach themselves.

Education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education -- child-driven education TED talk

The hole in the wall project from Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education via TED. An amazing experiment in collaborative, independent learning.

Edutopia blogger Monica Burns reviews five movie-making apps for iOS devices and Android tablets, highlighting their no-to-low cost, ease of use, and the wide range of professional-looking products that students can create.

5 Apps for Making Movies on Mobile Devices

Every year at Hollywood award shows, we see fantastic movies celebrated for their rich storytelling and dynamic performances. Your students can become moviemakers, too, thanks to some powerful apps f

Formação de professores - parte 1 (2008) - Bernadete Gatti - YouTube Nova Escola

Formação de professores - parte 1 (2008) - Bernadete Gatti - YouTube Nova Escola