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Niall at the airport in Ireland. He's all the way home now. So happy <3 xx

Boy band One Direction is greeted by a large group of excited fans as they arrive at Heathrow Airport on a flight from Miami on July 2012 in London, England.

I haven't been on Pinterest lately, or commenting- so I apologize. I don't think I'll be on to much today either. I just have been really busy and just tend to pin stuff and that's it. But to make up for it, here is Niall. Being adorable yet hot at the same time. Simply because he is Niall. Enjoy your ovaries exploding

here is Niall. Simply because he is Niall. Enjoy your ovaries exploding 😄

why must he be so attractive. i say we take some of his irish beauty and put it in some american boys.

Niall, niall is so hot now! was adorable and blossomed into a hot mofo

Niall with his guitar so cute!

I'm having major Niall feels after watching his sexy awkward dancing on the X Factor.

Liam's like "Awwwh Man i missed him!!!"

He must have gotten scared.i would be if some cookie man came to steal my cookies