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I wouldn't mind going up and down these stairs. I love spiral stairs!

would make my life/ wardrobe much easier..


own every color of flip flops.I'm pretty close on this one

be the maid of honor in a wedding #bucketlist

☑️My sister wedding in 2010 ☑️Matron of honor for my best friends wedding 2015

If this is the "clear and present danger to the morality and sanctity of the American family," then sign me up.

Clear and present danger to the morality and sanctity of the American family.

meet neil patrick harris And Robert Downy Jr., and David Tennant, and Bennedict Cumberbatch, and Nathan Fillion.

See Every Hunger Games Movie ✔ 13 December 2015- Saw the final one with Louise and Alesha at the movies- Great girly day out




bucket list - go to lollapalooza. preferably in a time machine to 1992 and lol

done.  love ballet.  wish i was a ballerina.  maybe one day will start again but probably not on pointe again.  will most likely stick to watching :)

I used to do ballet as a kid and quit, which I regret because I wanted to be a ballerina. Still counts in my bucketlist!


Sky walk above the Colorado River with a breath taking view of the Grand Canyon!

Bucket List #77

have a luxurious bathroom in my future house.must have a jacuzzi bathtub, a double headed walk-in shower, and his/her sinks with a huge walk-in closet attached. Everyone dreams, right?