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Victor Creed/Sabretooth/Powers-Very Fast Regenerative Healing, Immortality, Retractable Claws, Sharp Teeth, Resistance to Telepathy, Superhuman Senses, Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Reflexes, Skilled Assassin, Excellent Tracker, Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant, Highly Intelligent

Sabretooth (Victor Creed) is a character from the Marvel universe. Originally portrayed as a.

FANTASTIC FOUR #16 MATT FRACTION & KARL KESEL (W) • RAFF IENCO (A) Cover by MARK BAGLEY FINAL ISSUE! The Fantastic Four are… DOOMED! Dr. Doom has taken on the power of Kang and Annihilus and is supreme ruler of the entire world. Good News: this is in the Doomed Universe. Bad News: our universe is next. The only ones in his way are the Fantastic Four and… the Fantastic Four!  40 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

brianmichaelbendis: “The Fantastic Four & The Marvel Universe // artwork by Mark Bagley Cover art for Fantastic Four ”

Fantastic Four Vs Annihilus by GURU-eFX.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Cool Fantastic Four cover by the always awesome Michael Ryan! Always love working on his stuff. Fantastic Four Vs Annihilus

Just some Superheroes and Villains

Just some Superheroes and Villains

Daredevil Captain America Spider- Man Iron Man Thor Hulk Silver Surfer Cyclops Wolverine Ghost Rider Deadpool The Thing Spider Woman Carnage Venom

The Avengers


Christian Nauck is a freelance illustrator, comic artist and character designer based in Berlin, Germany. He did this as a cover art for Marvel’s “Avengers Art Appreciation” variants. You guys noticed the Loki shadow too, right?

Perros de cómic

If marvel heroes turned into dog heroes ( I always had a feeling that dogs would take over the world with their cuteness).