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TV TEE- Color by Tom Trager

Doctor Who: Gifts & Merchandise

Rose: No, your're not keeping the horse! Doctor Who: I let you keep Mickey!

Doctor Who. Haha when The Doctor is no longer jealous of Rose's ex cause he's just a pet now <<<< Mickey is the tin dog

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What Does The Doctor Mean to You? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios (...

It's the anniversary of Doctor Who! Whovians everywhere are excited to see what the newest Doctor will bring to the character, and that got us thinkin.

A custom Doctor Who - Complete Collection - set of 31 DVDs.

A custom Doctor Who - Complete Collection - set of 31 DVDs.

Good-bye 11... *sniff*

I would cry but I think its supposed be raggedy man goodbye

...because wibbly wobbly timey wimey. Have you learned nothing in our time here!!  #fandom #whovian

Doctor Who Time Signature, from the webcomic Odd Quartet. (I know people who have written music in this time signature. I gnash my teeth at them!

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Christopher Eccleston introduced me to Doctor Who in a quirky, fun, fascinating way. David Tenant made me completely fall in love with the show and become a fangirl. End of story.  Matt Smith, with his messy hair and baby face, made me a official obsessed Whovian. And who knows what will happen with Peter Capalldi (I dunno how to spell his last name)  but it's gonna be fantastic:)

The fighter. The lover. The friend. Just don't think that 9 is the fighter, 10 is the lover, and 11 is the friend. In every regeneration each one is all these things. Remember, they are all the same man.

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You Know You're A Die-Hard Whovian When. (The thing is, Van Gogh's work made me want to cry already. Now I just instantly well up!


I want someone too look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say, "Let's watch Doctor Who"

Doctor Who

David Tennant says sorry appropriately.

along with alonsy and 10th but i will always have a special place in my heart for the ninth doctor sence he was my first

To Christopher Eccleston: thank you for introducing me to The Doctor. You were FANTASTIC. To the Ninth Doctor: I miss you already. Eccleston: Thank you for being the Doctor and being a part in the wonderful series!

River Song and The Doctor always meeting in the wrong order.

River Song & The Doctor "Meeting in the Wrong Order" infographic.

Jack and Martha

Jack and Martha moaning about their one-sided love for