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Tip of the Week: Blackout Poetry

"Black Out Poetry" using old newspapers or books. SUCH A COOL IDEA. maybe a creative writing assignment! I love it

I usually give the client a prompt that goes something like this: "Imagine your life is like a journey along a road.  Draw a picture to represent what this road would look like. Think about the the important events that have happened so far and where you hope to be heading."

For an art therapy directive: "Imagine your life has been like a journey along a road. What would this road look like? Where have you been and where are you headed?

I am...enough.

Affirmations - as girls get older, low self esteem is a constant issue. Regularly doing these affirmations with the girls can help counteract alI of the negatives they hear or tell themselves. I really like this one, although I want to look up some instr

"Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that brings together bodily experience and visual artistic expression. In its basic form it involves drawing (or having drawn) one’s body outline onto a large surface and using colours, pictures, symbols and words to represent experiences lived through the body. Body Mapping is not a new tool and has been used by therapists in areas of work as diverse as eating disorder and weak self-image, with victims of torture, or in human rights-based youth…

Dance/Movement Therapist Annette Schwalbe integrates body mapping to creative movement experiences. "Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that brings together bodily experience and visual artistic expression.


alternatives for self-harm. when someone suggests self-harm i will show this to them. Recovery is Possible

The sickening messages women receive from society.

10+ Art Therapy Ideas

Art therapy uses art to heal people of all ages, and can improve the emotional, mental, and physical state of most people.

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Draw A Person Assessment by Josh Kale Service (Jupiter in Taurus in the house of service health) Art Therapy

Tree of Contemplative Practices from the Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute and Learning Center

Mindfulness/Mind-Body Approaches - Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Art Therapy Institute [Add contemplation in Catholic prayer.