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beware of the dog, the cat is shady as fuck also, sign, funny, lol


Just some Epic condoms...

"Just some Epic condoms. here I go,rock wit me,here comes the Boom,fun fun. Not that we'll be needing these

Bahahaha- read it out loud and then laugh because you know you have heard it said like that before!

I can't stop laughing. I need air. If you don't get it, say the number out loud hahahahaha

Toooooo funny. I've come across the odd unfortunately placed price tag!

Funny pictures about Strategically placed stickers. Oh, and cool pics about Strategically placed stickers. Also, Strategically placed stickers photos.

Great laughs! Hahaha. Blue balls. Sometimes the man deserves it, and worse.  This way they pay the price without physically hurting men!!! Love it!

Funny pictures about Conserve energy. Oh, and cool pics about Conserve energy. Also, Conserve energy.

Only I would laugh at this! lol

Hello, yes this is...wut?

Hello Yes, This is Balls - Talented Dog Makes Phone Call with Balls: This dog really is talented. He can dial the phone with his balls and speak too.

I laughed out loud.

blacklab chocolatelab methlab funny dogs New lab breed: Meth lab

Never sleep at parties

Funny pictures about Reasons not to drink. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons not to drink. Also, Reasons not to drink photos.

We meet again.

We meet again

So we have General Meow, Meowseph Stalin, and Kitler. Meow I just need more cats.

You can only appreciate how funny this is if you've had to watch Dora the Explorer. Hehehe!

Meme Watch: Drunk Baby Is Holding Court At The Bar

I think it's a geek thing? drunk baby meme kid drinking beer peek a boo guy funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos Lol!

Kinda makes you wonder about chunky vs. smooth.

Funny pictures about How peanut butter is made. Oh, and cool pics about How peanut butter is made. Also, How peanut butter is made photos.

Voor volgende winter als er weer sneeuw ligt, ogen op je auto tekenen, lol!

Might as well have fun with the snow and put a smile on someone's face during the winter! I am so doing this! The kids will have fun.

Doorbell broken. Yell ding dong really loud.

I have the "doorbell broken." Sign on my door too but never thought to add the "yell ding dong.

#lolgreatness #funny #signs Made me laugh, thought I'd  die.

Ho Made Apple Butter ! apple butter is always better when it's made by ho's LOL

why grown men should not own toy action figures! hahaha lol

Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;