Some days there is that temptation to quit....don't give up!! You don't want to undo all your progress. We've got this!

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The best gift you can give you body is the gift of fitness! Treat your body to a hard workout and a day of clean eating! Happy Friday and Wishing you all a Fit and Healthy Weekend! --today I will love myself enough to exercise--

Love this!

Chill, Girl, You Got this.this is nice :)

Fruit & veggies; Cardo & weights...

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Reasons to workout.

Workout Quotes For Women motivational fitness quote with a few good reasons why you should . The Fabfit Way / FabfitNYC

this is what i think to make myself keep running when i wanna stop

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Absolute truth.  Keep going

What I keep telling my self I am trying to get fit if I lose weight in process bonus! HASfit BEST Workout Motivation, Fitness Quotes, Exercise Motivation, Gym Posters, and Motivational Training Inspiration


20 seconds after you eat that junk food, the taste will be gone, and all you'll have it regret.

Perfect to me

fit quote: I'm not trying to look perfect. i just want to feel better, look great, know I'm healthy, and be able to rock any outfit I choose

Fitness Motivation Quote

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Mmmmmmm, bread........

Be Healthy Quotes : Lol funny fitness quote motivation paleo low carb wheat free fitspo fitspiration

Lose weight, here's how!  Small changes, this site has a great list!

✱ So much truth, nutrition really is king! Made a few small changes and voila, goal is a heartbeat away. Way ahead of schedule!

workout motivation

workout motivation

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Fitness Motivation

discipline vs insane discipline and results