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The night my heart broke into a million pieces..I love you Daddy & I miss you more each day!

The night my heart broke into a million pieces.I love you Mom & Dad. I miss you both more each day!

In waves

April will be extremely hard this year. Last night I thought of you, like that's something new? To dream of you and picture loving on your sweet face. I hope you feel my love for you where ever you are. My sweet troy

I wish there were visiting hours in heaven Mom, especially on Mothers Day

I promised mom I would bring you home.

Miss you daddy

In memory of my daddy , Bill 1987

Never get over it

Grieving The Loss Of A Child - Dealing, Coping With Death Of A Son, Daughter, Infant Child sympathy

The death of any loved parent is an incalculable lasting blow.

Everyday, I want to call my mom, such an ugly feeling, after you realize she is no longer here to hear her voice, I miss you Mother :(

Everyday, I want to call my mom, such an ugly feeling, after I realize she is no longer there and I can't hear her voice. I miss you Momma :(

Remember, I was supposed to go with you. I don't know how to do this without you.

Biggest shock of my life. when my Dad died!

Great man

You were truly a great man Robbie! quotes about losing a loved one to death

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Miss dad sooooo bad!

Very true. I once was really afraid of death. But ever since The Lord took my fiancé... I no longer was afraid.

my angel Thomas.

Dad x

My Daddy . my angel! I miss you so much, Daddy and think about you every day!

Absolute truth! There's so many things that I miss telling my mom. Sometimes a girl just needs her momma!

Dear Mom

Always missing my daughter .

Blowing kisses and sending hugs everyday to you SON... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14

I Blow Kisses to the Sky for my precious Natty Girl.

are the stars holes in the sky?

You never feel a hurt and pain inside yourself as you do when you lose a parent.

This quote describes a fear of losing my mother. This is one of my biggest fears, and knowing that it will happen one day makes it worse.