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I smell you! - A Dog Named Steve | Content in a Cottage by Thomaseqn

Funny pictures about Sniff Sniff. Oh, and cool pics about Sniff Sniff. Also, Sniff Sniff.

Um Mom? #rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

A Retriever has become surrogate mother to two baby rabbits. Six-year-old Koa has taken the bunnies under her paw after they were found abandoned. I love how theres no prejudice in the animal world--we all could learn a thing or two from that/ BUNNY HAT

A day at the spa...

I wish my dog loved bath time like this! Instead she burns about 300 calories trying to escape from the tub ~:\p

Waking Up in the Wrong Bed @B R O O K E // W I L L I A M S Baird Baird Lapointe

I see it could be two ways. One: the big dog is very kind and left the big bed for the pup. Two: the pup went on the big bed and left the small bed for the big dog. In that case, if I was the big dog, I would just lay on the small dog (or around it).


LABRADOR – Who can resist a lab puppy? ❤ SO cute too tired to make it home, oh well, nap time

Underwater Dogs are always funny. Happy Friday! #TSE

Underwater dogs

Fabulous photography of dogs diving underwater for tennis balls. So funny. So cute.

Why do you keep asking me WHO I am??? You know my name is SAM!!!

Four-week-old Cherub, a baby White Faced Scops Owl, has a furry guardian in Kiera the German Pointer. A little baby white faced scops owl, has found and unlikely friend and guardian in Kiera the German Pointer. by German Shorts.

Lets Play!

I love dogs when they are still puppies. Enjoy playing with them some kind of sport. Soccer is my favorite sport to play.