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Woohoo hahaha

He broke her heart. She broke his x-box. I think we all know who cried harder.

I did this while racing my 4-year old niece. She exclaimed, "I can do anything!" After about 15 seconds, she began to breathe laboriously and panted, "I can't do this." She's such a character!

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

This is awesome!

parents do the darndest things the brief expletives. These are hilarious! Jar-Jar Dad, though! omg i am crying laughing in the library! my dad would do some of these things

Lolsotrue #165 If I still can't hear what you said after you repeated it 3 times, ill just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?

describes me to  a "T"

It's funny how we can remember the lyrics to hundreds of songs, but can't remember anything when we study for a test-story of my life.

Yes I remember those days :)@Megan Prasch

To my best friend Miranda. I met her a few years ago and I regret nothing of the monster I've created.

Black iPhones...

Funny pictures about Black iPhones. Oh, and cool pics about Black iPhones. Also, Black iPhones.