Gray and Red (wedding invitation design)

Danielle + Paul's Vintage-Inspired Marquee Halloween Wedding Invitations

Danielle + Paul’s Vintage-Inspired Marquee Halloween Wedding Invitations by Kate at Wit + Delight

Susie + Bradford’s Modern Chevron Stripe Wedding

Susie + Bradford's Modern Chevron Stripe Wedding Invitations

"I Do!"

"I Do!" Printed.

Finally locked myself in my office today and began my wedding invitation designs. Still working on our names at the top, but so far pretty satisfied with the body of the invite. PS: Four o' clock .

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defines what wedding invitations are, their importance & purpose, and the types that are available for the second wedding.

We like this square card invite. Perhaps the set can be tied together with the gold string or sequins. Include a square invite maybe that folds open in thirds, fold out itinerary, reply card and envelope. I pinned a postcard but we would rather have the reply card be in an envelope.

Santa Clarita, CA, Rustic Chic backyard reception, by Cakes and Kisses