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Latest news and crochet product updates from Allie | Custom ...

Latest news and crochet product updates from Allie

First off, this pattern is incomplete.  I was not able to write proper instructions for the tail, just a really rough one that I have posted in my scraps here:  I apologize...

It's been a while since I've made a Pokemon. I really enjoyed making this guy and I love how he turned out!I'm planning on making the other starter Pokemon as well and ma.

I've been putting off typing up this pattern because of all the weird little pieces.  Hopefully it turns out not super confusing.. Eyes and dark blue head pattern are needle felted onto the su...

Glaceon's eyes and face turned out looking a little funny to me. looks a little confused or something Oh well. I forgot to make a second smaller. Baby Glaceon (with pattern)

Sabrina's Crochet - Spinarak (Pokemon)

Do you want to make your own Spinarak? The finished plush is about 16 cm long. Pattern is available in:

This free crochet pattern is for all the Pokemon fans out there

I originally made this baby vulpix about 4 or 5 years ago. I offered the pattern notes on Craftster but took them down shortly after.

I've always wanted to learn how to crochet and in about Spring of 2011, I…

2 months of no productivity. culminating in this moment  I was up late last night working on the last details on this little guy.Forgot what a pain needle felting was.

Super Bunnies by the very talented Cathrine of @kittycatknit ! She adapted my free "Spring Bunnies" pattern to make these uber cute superheroes  Learn more about them on the blog! Photos courtesy of @kittycatknit visuals at

Free Amigurumi Pattern: Super cute superheroes Bunnies ( Adapted from the "Spring Bunnies" Pattern)

yoshi__crochet__by_sirpurlgrey-d7mqqmx.jpg 1.288×1.288 pixel

Depuis le temps que je cherche une peluche Yoshi mignonne, je me dit que je…

Spring is here and the birds are back! Robins are one of my favorites! Chubby, orangey, little birds!

Robin Bird Amigurumi pattern by Ana Yogui