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Episode Strange Bedfellows - H 0503 - Heartland Screencaps

Amy Janice Wayne (Miranda Frigon).

Episode Win, Place or Show - H 0331 - Heartland Screencaps


Episode Strange Bedfellows - H 0506 - Heartland Screencaps

A nice day with horses on set! - Heartland

A nice day with horses on set! - Blog - Heartland

I said there would be horses in season because I know we all love the horses, don't we?

Beyond Heartland’s First Decade - Heartland

Beyond Heartland’s First Decade - Blog - Heartland

Saturday, October 14 will be the anniversary of the very first episode of Heartland airing on CBC!

Amy Lisa.

Episode Strange Bedfellows - H 0393 - Heartland Screencaps


Episode Truth Be Told - H 0125 - Heartland Screencaps

Great picture of Georgie and a horse. NEW this Sunday on CBC: Sound of Silence - Heartland

NEW this Sunday on CBC: Sound of Silence - Blog - Heartland

HEARTLAND season 10 finds the Bartlett-Fleming clan tackling exciting new beginnings and taking big risks, while continuing to lean on their tight-knit bonds for support, love and guidance.

Heartland Forever

heartlandtvfan: “ Alisha Newton - I have been taking more riding lessons and started jumping.

Amy with Spartan #season11

Amber on set for season 11 of heartland with a horse that plays Spartan, Bubs

The next episode is titled Pandora's Box. It was written by Ken Craw and directed by Stefan Scaini and there are, as there often are, four strong storylines within the episode.

NEW episode Sunday March 6 - Blog - Heartland

Episode 16 First Look! of Ghost horse - Heartland