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How to deal with feeling shamed and stupid.  Stay strong, it isn't easy.

"Sometimes I sit and think about every stupid thing I've ever done." (it is a horrible feeling!) :P (this picture/quote comes to mind quite frequently for me.


Many a time has passed when I did the exact same thing. Possibly even said/thought the same thing.

I love Fries.. this is so true!

Funny pictures about How I eat fries. Oh, and cool pics about How I eat fries. Also, How I eat fries photos.

With Vs Without Kids

HIlarious from NickMom! Cleaning with kids vs. cleaning without kids. SO funny because it's true!

Love is watching someone else's boring show on TV -- The Peanuts, Snoopy, Charlie Brown

Love it!

vintage I finally figured out my body type. it's hourglass with Extra minutes

It's either cold enough for uggs or warm enough for shorts... It cannot be both. AND STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET WHEN YOU WALK!!!

It's either cold enough for Uggs or warm enough for shorts. And even then, uggs are boots, wear them to keep your feet warm, not as a fashion statement!

Answer the phone!

My freaking dilemma every time my sister or mom or dad doesn't answer there phones.

most depressing time in someones life...

Top 5 Funnies

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it also helps if you remember your phone in the first place

I Can Relate: Checking your phone to see what time it is, and then checking again because you weren't paying attention the first time. I do this ALL THE TIME!

yeah, I do have some pretty neat stuff ;)

Funny pictures about The Reason I Can't Clean My Room. Oh, and cool pics about The Reason I Can't Clean My Room. Also, The Reason I Can't Clean My Room photos.