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Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford April 1550 – 24 June was an English peer and courtier of the Elizabethan era.

A Miniature of Anne of Cleves. Hans Holbein c. 1539. Anne was married to Henry VIII from 6th Jan 1540 to 9th July 1540. The marriage was annuled. She outlived all of Henry's wives and died on 17th July 1557 at Chelsea Manor. H.

By Roland Hui ___________________________ Anne of Cleves – Henry VIII’s Luckiest Wife? By Roland Hui ___________________________ Of Henry VIII’s six wives, Anne of Cleves has the distinction of not.

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00423502396682a339f2165149adc850.jpg (236×334)

Frans Pourbus Gesellschaft im Freien. full size image at http://www.mleuven.be/en/binaries/pourbus_tcm41-49645.jpg

Gesellschaft im Freien Attributed to Frans Pourbus the Elder (Flemish, 1545 - Sleeves, hats, color!