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David Poppie - orbit  15" x 15"  colored pencils  2008

David Poppie creates some extraordinary works of art with sliced pencil crayons. As someone who pulled apart many pencil crayons as a child to see what was going on inside, I am dazzled by t .

Artist David Poppie makes sculptural artworks using objects such as colored pencils, cassette tapes, matchbooks and tea bags. These pieces above are some of my favorites but there’s much more in his gallery.

Split Pencil Sculpture by David Poppie. beautiful colors, pencils create a warm orange/red burst

Halo . 24" x 24" . Colored Pencils . 2010 .

Split Pencil and Cassette Sculptures by David Poppie sculpture pencils cassettes

stacked book art, wow

artists canvas are stacks of unwanted books. I didn't think there was anything such as an "unwanted book".and since the artist used these books, I guess they weren't unwanted after all.

Martin Klimas - Dusseldorf, Germany Artist - Photographers - Artistaday.com

Dusseldorf, Germany artist Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas- Artist that splatters paint over a speaker and turns up the music. Klimas listened to artists such as Pink Floyd and James Brown as inspiration for his "Sonic Sculptures" project.

Self Portrait of recycled bottle caps by Mary Ellen Croteau.    found on ettestudios.com

Chicago artist Mary Ellen Croteau creates an amazing Chuck Close-inspired self portrait from recycled bottle caps.