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O lordy

Funny Encouragement Ecard: Some mornings I wake up and think, yep, todays the day I punch someone square in the throat.

Funny Flirting Ecard: Your penis is so big that i could pole dance around it when it's erect.

See this is the kinda of quote I should be pinning more often because it is so true. I wanted this quote to make you laugh Jordan.

LOL, I love ecards

I've always wondered why people announce they have a baby in the car. as if it makes a difference in the way people drive. This is hilarious!


Funny Confession Ecard: Good friends discuss their sex lives. Best friends talk about

Funny because I love Phantom of the Opera! I sing it to myself often.

Funny Friendship Ecard: That moment you and your best friend talk shit about another person telepathically.

To the dbags that think it is fun to destroy other people's property by doing donuts on our landscaped lawn.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Forget about the zombie apocalypse that will never come. The real epidemic is the douchebag apocalypse that is already upon us.

facebook should learn by now

so true. or "people who I thought I was friends with but must have unfriended me"

We are going to Hell in Gasoline Underwear for what we just said about her ugly baby.

"We are going to Hell in Gasoline Underwear for what we just said about her ugly baby. Smith 'ugly baby judges you!

The ID channel has taught me well! Along with The First 48 ;)

"I don’t like making plans for the day because then the word premeditated gets thrown around in the courtroom" (ecards)

Yep, nut doesn't fall far from the tree!

That awkward moment when you realize that you just punished your kid for acting exactly like you. Sorry mini me.

:) luke bryan. lol.

When you're driving and realize you're lost, so you turn down the music like 'Shhh, Luke Bryan. I can't shake it for you right now, I'm lost'. Not the lost part but the I can't shake it right now lol