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A Look For Me by 2TONocean

” Aside from the lovely expressions, I can’t get over how the line under ‘Me’ looks like it’s smiling too.

Portal - Trust Me by Ilusien

THIS TOOK SO LONGGGG It was one of my lesser projects for the summer but thank god it's done So many characters gawwwwwwd If anyone wants to make . Portal - Trust Me

Now I am on mass genocide and atomic bombs

Laughed too hard

A place to find all the stupidest Portal things you can find. Mods: allthedanesindenmark thenegaverse nickiepie Be sure to check out: Video Game News Fuck Yeah Amnesia Fuck Yeah Space Core Fuck Yeah Cave Johnson

December 19, 2011 Edit: You guys... thank you. This is the most favorited peice in my gallery right now. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I never expected this. Warned you there'd...

chel heart wetly by Homemade-Happiness on DeviantArt

Awwwww :$

XD Wheatley is too cute <----- even though he is an evil little twit!<<< glados is much worse