and if decide to quickly to avoid stress, end up stressed anyway because the choice was made too quickly

And ppl, even loved ones, hate waiting.which is why, too often, I make spur of the moment decisions that I later regret

So they think it's because you can't be bothered, not because you can't help it.

Alis Rowe, on the difficulties of finding "everyday tasks" hard and tasks most people find difficult to be easy.

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I can recognize some emotions.  But many others are harder to see.

I can recognize some emotions. But many others are harder to see, more specifically non verbal communication.

"I experience fatigue on a daily basis. For every day that I am out of the house for any length of time, I get very fatigued by the end of the day. Even if I haven't 'done' anything much, just being out of my home, around people, in different environments, is exhausting.".-Alis Rowe. I can relate to this.

My grandson, often falls asleep right after school. Others need to understand how exhausting ASD really is.

#ASD Alis Rowe

All images from The Girl with Curly Hair Project . These all make sense to me, and I love them more because I am a girl with curly hair 😃