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MONGOLIE Oulan-Bator 2012                                                                                                                                                     Plus

MONGOLIE Oulan-Bator 2012 Plus

La Mongolie, le pays du ciel bleu    Le Désert de Gobi. Tout le monde en a déjà entendu parler mais peu savent réellement de quoi il en r...

A little one peeking into her yurt in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia.

After she is exiled by Odin to the more desolate stretches of Vanaheim, Sigyn's clothing choices once again become practical and simple.

Mongolie | Gérard Planchenault

Mongolie | Gérard Planchenault

Tenge Alu competition at the annual Eagle Hunter Festival, Bayan Ulgii, Western Mongolia.

The annual Eagle hunter festival in Bayan Ulgii, Western Mongolia. Tenge Alu competition in which the competitor needs to pick up a coin from the ground while riding his horse.

The Reindeer people of Mongolia 703-06: Sanjim who is the male elder of the Tsaatan who live high in the mountains of northern Mongolia. Faces his biggest fear which is that the young people may decide to leave the taiga, and that old people like him will end up alone. Sanjim rides his reindeer on their summer range. Donna Todd/Lightmediation

Kenzo on a Reindeer - inspiration! A tribal elder rides his reindeer across the steppes of Mongolia. His tribe has been recorded as domesticating their reindeer for the last years. by reiternick

Mongolian Costume Showed at New Silk Road Model Competition

2009 New Silk Road China Inner Mongolia Model Competition in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Mongolian girl, Altai Mountains Gavriel JECAN

See the postcard Mongolian girl, Altai Mountains by Gavriel JECAN and the other Nouvelles Images Asia, Children, Pets postcards.

✿ ❤ Moğolistan'da Dukha Türkleri.  http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/photos-lost-mongolian-tribe-incredible/

These photos of a lost Mongolian tribe are incredible

After living in Nepal and exploring Tibet and the Himalayas for more than a decade, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami decided he would travel to outer Mongolia to document the nomadic tribes and their unique way of life

Yakutian national costume

Yakutia Yakuts (Yakut: Саха Sakha), are Turkic people who mainly inhabit the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The Yakut language belongs to the Siberian branch of the Turkic languages.

Female Shaman, Mongolia

Female Shaman in Mongolia. The word shaman, or Saman comes from Russia (The Tungus people) the word ‘Shamanka’ was used to be helpful in describing a female shaman.

Costume traditionnel.

Costume traditionnel.

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