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Kid sends dad a text by accident

Father's Day Text Messages - KeithYo mah nigguh yah got some skanky weed for yo homeboy? No keith. I am not your African American and I do not have pungent marijuana for you, nor are you a male maid.

Oh, and get me something wearing orange lipstick.

Hilarious Auto Corrects

Can you imagine who you could find at a store called whore foods? Love those autocorrect jokes!

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Auto Corrects is dedicated to the hilarious and embarrassing auto correct fail, mistakes, and moments we've all experienced on our iphone, ipod and/or ipad. Feel free to submit your own, and share the laughter.

Autocorrect/parent texting fail! Lol

13 Perfectly Awkward Autocorrects - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED