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masterpiece - jesse chamberlin

masterpiece - jesse chamberlin

7-chia-tay-roi-con-gai-co-nen-tiep-tuc-lam-ban-voi-ex.png (800×571)

7-chia-tay-roi-con-gai-co-nen-tiep-tuc-lam-ban-voi-ex.png (800×571)


Stand in a field of flowers in a summer dress and feel the earth beneath your feet

... ethereal blue lacly white <3

Three Rivers Deep book series: Two-souled clairvoyant, Aurora White, finds herself struggling with the self-blame of her mother’s death and the ongoing quarrel between her elemental soul mates. READ MORE @ Three Rivers Deep: Book One Overview


charkhoal: so cute (Crush Cul de Sac)

vrooom, nerooooommmmmm!!

Is having kids 'all joy and no fun'? If you're not having fun, you're not paying attention.

Chinese Jump Rope is a great summer indoor and outdoor fun activity for kids! On Sale: 25% off all in-stock merchandise, June 21-23

Chinses Jump Rope Remember these? Jump roping is back in style and this traditional version offers an exciting variation on the game. To play Chinese Jump Rope, two individuals must wrap the stretchable ropes around the ankles while a third player jumps i

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Goodies No. 28

Joycelyn j▲yden

The way the shadows are used to compose here—so perfect. It's also a lovely example of when shooting up from under the chin & nose of a subject works well.