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Love this good quote about Way Back When: I miss the old days when carbs and television weren't so evil.

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haha for every fashion major. we definitely understand the concept of no sleep.

Too true

The definition of Studying. This is the way my daughter would study and she was an excellent student. I needed complete silence, go figure!

tact/sarcasm - fortunately I speak fluent sarcasm

Tact: for people who don't understand sarcasm or take themselves too seriously Sarcasm: for people who can read between the lines or don't know how to be serious Face Punch: for people who don't know when to stop being sarcastic

If you lick the frosting off a cupcake it becomes a muffin and muffins are healthy. Hahahaha!

Cupcakes Into Muffins Funny Birthday Card


Fair is place to get cotton candy. Life is not fair, although sometimes I run into an opportunity to consume cotton candy during the course of my life.

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Or like one of the three stooges slapping your face and head repeatedly!

I don't like spiders and snakes, but.act like a black belt when I walk into a spider web

sing the alphebet

I was just thinking yesterday - does anyone else sing the alphabet or am I a dumbass? Nope, I sing too

There are a few people that I want to say this to.

K to T-"One day my patience will run out, and I will stab you. In the face. Very hard." Jaime-"I think you normally punch people in the face.

Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : Breaking Up and Moving On Quotes : God gives us a fresh clean start everyday we

Grip of Reality_Words_"Sometimes you just have to let the bridge break.the tears flow.and start anew."__And sometimes you are young and sometimes you are not so young. It doesn't matter you are strong and you will recover.

Best bday card ever

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