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This is adorable, and congrats to this mom for raising her little girl well.>>>this little girl is gorgeous! You go Raven Marie

This becomes even more important when you get older...lol!

Definitely teacher humor here! At least you get to pee at 3 when the kids leave! Nurses work 12 plus hours and don't pee. Teacher humor my foot.

The weirdest thing that ever happened to me essay The weirdest thing that happened to me was when I ran into some con artists in my childhood. I was in Allahabad, a fairly big city in India, and was pursuing my high.

Uh oh.

Suspicious turkeys…

Funny pictures about Suspicious turkeys. Oh, and cool pics about Suspicious turkeys. Also, Suspicious turkeys.

Pilates for people who love wine. How much do you love wine? Check out our Love & Wine | Pin & Win contest and you could win a countertop home winemaker! Contest ends February 18th, 2013. #artfulwinemaker #wine @Laurie Skaja

Pilates for people who love wine

Funny pictures about Pilates for people who love wine. Oh, and cool pics about Pilates for people who love wine. Also, Pilates for people who love wine photos.

and all her family and friends thought she was fucking cool as hell

Quickie: Once upon a time, the lady doth protested too much…

Once upon a time . a prince asked a beautiful princess Will you marry me? The princess said no. & the princess lived happily ever after

I should not have clicked on this while proctoring an exam.  Cant... control... giggles...

Classroom Punishment…


Wal-Mart Cake This makes me happy because a) it shows just how stupid people are, and b) it has my name on it! I want that cake.

Stop before you hurt yourself from thinking too hard

This is me trying to explain my life with depression to overpaid insensitive asshats in white coats just so I can get the meds I need. Without insurance. Life can be cruel.