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Largest Anglo-Saxon treasure since Sutton Hoo, discovered in England

) century Anglo-Saxon sword hilt fitting, gold with garnet cloisonné inlay. From the Staffordshire Hoard, found in and not fully cleaned.

Saxon Wild Boar Bronze Pendant from Germany (4th century).

Saxon Wild Boar Bronze Pendant Century CE, Germany “The boar was a very important symbol in many pagan societies and was associated with both warrior and fertility gods and goddesses.

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Shield Boss -- Century -- Excavated from the Anglo-Saxon burial ship discovered at the English estate of Sutton Hoo in Photo courtesy of the British Museum.

Cross from the Anglo-Saxon Ship-Burial at Sutton Hoo

Anglo-Saxon/ Byzantine, Garnet cross framing a gold coin of Heraclius, AD British Museum similar in cloisonné style to some Merovian pieces

South Staffordshire hoard; gold - showing part of an Anglo Saxon helmet and a folded cross.

Largest ever hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold found

Staffordshire hoard: Gold plaque with entwined stylised arms  from Staffordshire hoard

AngloSaxon treasure hoard found in Staffordshire

AngloSaxon treasure hoard found in Staffordshire. A gold plaque with entwined and stylised arms Photograph: PR

Silver anglo saxon ring found in the River Thames near Chelsea. c.775-850 - Medieval era - Wikipedia

BLW Silver Anglo-Saxon ring - Anglo-Saxon art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Sutton Hoo Purse -- Centuries -- Bone or ivory base w/ seven decorative plaques worked in gold w/ cloisonne garnets & millefiori glass. The purse held gold coins & ingots.

Gold & Garnet Sword Pyramid From The Staffordshire Hoard  --  Anglo Saxon  --  7th-8th Centuries

Gold & Garnet Sword Pyramid From The Staffordshire Hoard -- Anglo Saxon -- Centuries