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Do you think I could ask someone out using this?

15 Regalos hechos por ti que enamorarán más a tu novio

Great idea for a boyfriend to do! Especially if he's not all that great with saying what he feels! Songs that mean a lot to him or remind him of her would be a perfect gift! :) what to get boyfriend for christmas

"I keep hearing all these stupid things that I said with my stupid mouth." - Joanie by Silversage

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mylesb: “ “Stay up late, get up early. Keep going until the lack of sleep causes an emotional breakdown that sends you spiralling into a dark abyss.


Delirium: the best book series I have ever read and probably ever will. I'm probably going to re read them come to think of it.

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I'll confess I've just been obsessed with life and death and emptiness, I guess. can't you see all of the change in me?

this made my heart smile. only a few more weeks. always there for each other no matter what!!!!

this made my heart smile. only a few more weeks. always there for each other no matter what!

So beyond fed up with people online treating eating disorders like they are some freaking cute diet or some trend that will make them pretty....get real! There is no reason to romanticize an eating disorder...eating disorders are illnesses and they make people sick and miserable, and kill people...There is no beauty and no poetry.... If you really feel the need to romanticize pain and suffering, you do not sound like a good person to me at all..seriously stop this

and boy did I look ridiculous that day, when some idiot decided to tie my shoelaces together after I'd fallen asleep on the bus home from our eleventh grade field trip. Some people just never grow up, do they?

"No! You can't do this!" "Can't? Don't you ever tell me that I can't do something. I am your King. I snap my fingers, and a war begins. I nod my head, and men die or kill others at my feet. If I spoke the right words long enough, I could burn this entire world to the ground. Hell, I could even say that the ashes that fall from the skies are rain, and those street rats out there would believe me. You're lucky that all I'm doing is relocating that rat pack you call a family. You're lucky I…

I could set the world on fire and call it rain" -Red Queen book quote, that's how powerful I am. Do not test me.