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Why am I laughing so hard?

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'Oh my god Louis you can't just ask people why their not leprechauns'

*flips hair* *snaps fingers in z formation* bitch just got owned

*flips hair* *snaps fingers in z formation* bitch just got owned>>>this is funny

I remember that prank they did on One Direction and Niall just sat down and watched while eating.

"Family Guy" Peter at the Drive Thru: lois: Peter, why are we stopped? Peter: Yeah, I'll have three cheeseburgers. lois: Peter for God's sakes she'

I hate Harry styles and one direction but this is pretty funny

Is Harry Styles REALLY leaving One Direction? - There have been tons of stories, articles, rumors, etc about Harry leaving the band to pursue a solo question and answer in the One Direction club

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My favourite ones are the maybelline, windex and Olay

Larry Shit - 152

Sorry for the language, but Niall looks hot & weird at the same time. Louis is kinda pouting while Liam is lost in his thoughts