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Harry's face in the back round is like, that should have been me.

I love Harrys face when that girl is touching Nialls hair

I don't want any of you peasants looking at me, touching me, or... well you can think about me i guess...

Directioner ∞ how I feel right now hahahaha << Excuse you, but did YOUR fandom wait for sixteen years for your show to come back? *hair flip and sashays away* << 'tis true

*brushes off shoulders* we're the best? Yeah, we know. They told us!

So I thought for a second, and I was like History was not filmed at NASA and then it went through my mind that they were the first in history to film a music video there. Not that they filmed history there.

you go NiALL!!!!!

You know you're a Directioner when; you laugh so hard you almost pee at Niall with the luscious locks.there just so luscious

Haters don't get it. They can say anything they want but they know absolutely nothing. They can say they're too "mainstream" or that they have no soul or all they care about is the money. But I'm on of their girls. I've never even met them and I feel like they care about me. And sometimes, that really really does feel good...

People who are not fans of the boys, who do not know the boys have absolutely no right tho judge us of them.