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we all know it's true. Except we get to skip athletics so we all get really excited

Right now it's raining, well, more like pouring

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I'll say sorry if I bump into the wall tbh

me. I have never found the name Analiese in a store. Always "Annalies, Annelies, Analisa.

So dang true!

I Swear this is so true

what's your emergency cashier:This girl showed me 20 items that costs 10 cents and she said she was going to steal it. dispatcher:we'll have a patrol officer there tomorrow Cashier: >_<

Teenager Post #432

Best joke ever.

Teenager Post

Haha so true exept I'm a straight A student have never gone to the principles offices or had my parents called unless someone did sown thing against me<<< this is highly discouraging

funny whisper confessions - Google Search

I climbed onto the roof so I could get good lighting but I ended up rolling off and landed on the trampoline and the bounce was so strong that it shot me through the dining room window

Reality of fear

Teenager Posts- this is one of the truest things I've ever seen on point and I'm not even a teen anymore.

Teenager Post I was always scared of teenagers when I was little because I felt like they always glared at me and looked tired and angry and now I understand.

Teenager Post YASSS I don't know why but I always do that when I'm in class our bored


I think this is really funny because we have to say it numerous times and this is what it ends up sounding like! XD LOL so true!

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"There's no Netflix in prison." --- 27 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Best Friend

Always happens!!!

my two friends who I introduced to soccer started pairing up for drills and I introduced them to each other -_-