This is how Disney princesses look like if they lived in 2017

Disney Princesses As Modern Day Girls Living In 2017 I love how kitty Rajah has a piece of the jerk prince's underwear in his mouth like in the movie LOL

oh my god I was rewatching Beauty and the Beast today (including this extra scene) and I was like WHAT IF THEY STILL READ TOGETHER LIKE THIS AFTER THE BEAST’S TRANSFORMATION AND BELLE WOULD READ HIM...

"What if Belle still reads to the Prince?" And it's King Lear, too which is the best shakespeare play!

Adam & Belle. Belle's dress based on Dior.

Custom hand painted Beauty and the Beast Pumps

Beware the Frozen Heart (Jelsa Fan-fic) Hey guys! Here's a story that I wrote on Wattpad. Please read and tell me what you guys think! thanks! :)

Beware the Frozen Heart (Jelsa AU)

Beware the Frozen Heart (Jelsa Fan-fic) Hey guys! Here's a story that I wrote on Wattpad.

Eu já mostrei algumas ilustrações das Princesas Disney com estilo casual e volto dessa vez com uma arte nesse estilo! A Anoosha, artista canadense, criou desenhos das Princesas com roupas modernas, ou seja, nada de vestido longo e visuais medievais, mas sim looks que a gente usaria! Apesar da ideia não ser super inovadora, acho muito legal ver como cada artista interpreta, né? E além das artes serem super fofas,...

Princesas Disney com roupas modernas

foxville: “ disney modern AU Belle is a still a bookworm and loves well-written characters; but in this AU she’s also obssessed with TV shows and movies. She’ll stay up till reading fanfics, or.

Disney-fy yourself, hahaha Im so gonna do this or team up with someone

I'll take the spontaneous musical numbers, perfect hair, epic clothes, and endless supply of walls to paint. XD become a disney princess!