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Girls don't have inside pockets so we have no place to put our wands or preciouses. This is hilarious

❤️this is probably why I use it so much♠️

The word "darling" is derived from an Old English term meaning "favorite minion". you're my favorite minion. I just told my boyfriend I love being called darling.

this is uberly needed.

Next million dollar idea

My next million dollar idea: reluctant exercise videos without perky people

Quite ironic, actually

I'm starting cadets and they did a wonderful example of this while faking cpr and sining another one bites the dust, oops sorry not you sir.

Centuries Ago, c. 2015. Artist: laurendestefano | 22 Funny Tumblr Posts That Are Practically Works Of Art

Centuries Ago, c. 2015. Artist: laurendestefano

This is my mental narration every time people talk about the "good old days"

Very good points though. I've always thought this.

How did we originally come up with the idea of language<<<*claps slowly* . It's quipped.--three cheers for irony!

Nominated: Dad of the Year

Nominated: Dad of the Year.I need a cat and some pop rocks now hehehehee

This also applies when you attend ASL congregation. *facepalm*

Funny pictures about Scumbag Stomach. Oh, and cool pics about Scumbag Stomach. Also, Scumbag Stomach photos.

Cristopher Columbus

Cristopher Columbus- well, more likely Hernando Cortez