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(3) monalot - The Playlist of my Mind, by The Char

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord you do not creep. If you should die because I wake, I'll explain it to the judge, make no mistake.

If only every kindergarden-5th grade teacher carried an assault rifle, we’d be much safer.    Just like they are in Israel, or something.

Israeli School Kids with Armed Teacher - This is why Israel has had NO school shootings sense they began training and arming their administration in 1970

The truth is the truth!  Band the Cheeseburgers... that should work... yeah right!!

Obesity deaths, Firearms deaths, Looks like your cheeseburger is far more dangerous than my gun. – Quotes about health and fitness

Dat tactical beard. - Imgur

Dat tactical beard.

Popular Military Commenters, who are largely active duty military or veterans, responded to the ISIS video perfectly, in meme form:

I'm a master marks-woman, let it be known!

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

1911 A, a time proven, slab sided comfort, if the owner is properly trained, lobbing a .45 problem solver... you can call the police or fix it & live to explain...

Second main thing is that if any one have any emergency call 911 don't used your gun the kill some one the police can come on the and the police can the start a program with kids about gun control at home .

Every last one of them.

"If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective" -Ted Nugent Mine too Ted!

2nd Amendment Truth

How To Become A Navy Seal Without Joining The Military

US Navy Seals didn't kill Bin Laden. Guns killed Bin Laden, said no one ever.


You can't create laws that will prevent crime because the lawbreakers will never obey them. That's how criminals work.

Criminals are called "criminals" for a reason. Criminals break the law. You think they are gonna obey a gun control law?

To all the anti gun idiots out there, I don't think he's gna listen to the "no gun zone" lol

every person should learn to shoot a gun, study our Bible

The Bible is a horrible book. It does not belong in public schools. Every American should not know how to use the Bible. America was founded on freedom. That includes freedom of religion.

Oh my... Should I be concerned?  Hahaha..

MM sez: Shoot first and explain after! I am really not into guns, probably anti - but I posted this as this struck me as quite funny.Funny Sign Cost of Ammo Gun Man Cave Garage Humorous Metal or Plastic

No Trespassing We Have Guns and Shovels Sign Gun Rights Amendment Plastic Man Cave Print