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know its not a flower but its pretty = Split Gill Fungus (Schizophyllum commune) ~ By SauriaMami

Split Gill Fungus (Schizophyllum commune) ~ By SauriaMami. Another amazing medicinal fungi


I've been a mushroom hunter for my whole life. I can remember my grandma taking me to the woods when I was a little boy, encountering all kinds of wild animals,


mushrooms in the forest. the light on those delicate membranes of mushroom and web.

It's like an avalanche of cute little mushrooms.

Description on photo: While not very colorful or unusual, I love this picture. The tiny caps look like they're spilling out of control. A mushroom explosion!

Sky Blue Mushroom ~ Entoloma Hochstetteri

Sky Blue mushroom - Entoloma hochstetteri Native to New Zealand and also found in India, there is no doubt that Entoloma hochstetteri (Entolomataceae) is one of the most distinctive mushrooms in the world due to its striking blue color. Edibility of.

Slime mold. This really looks like some pins-on-felt jewelry on display recently at the American Craft Council show in Baltimore... Will add a photo when I dig up the artists' business card.

Slime mold or slime mould is a broad term describing some organisms that use spores to reproduce. Slime molds were formerly classified as fungi but are no longer considered part of this kingdom