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Van Gogh

Self-Portrait with Pipe and Straw Hat, Summer 1888 Oil on pasteboard, 42 × 31 cm Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat - Vincent van Gogh

Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887 by Vincent van Gogh. self-portrait

Man and Woman Seen from the Back - Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh Drawing, Pencil on watercolour paper The Hague: September - December, 1882 Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe F: JH: 233 Image Only - Van Gogh: Man and Woman Seen from the Back

Vincent van Gogh, Self-portrait with Grey Felt Hat, Paris, Winter, 1886-87

GOGH, Vincent van Self-Portrait in a Grey Felt Hat Winter Paris Oil on cardboard, 41 x 32 cm Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

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Vincent van Gogh Dutch, Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887 Oil on canvas 16 x in. x cm) Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, New York, USA


Trademark Fine Art Crown Imperial Fritillaries by Vincent van Gogh Canvas Wall Art,

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Paris, France: Summer, 1886

off Hand made oil painting reproduction of The Fourteenth Of July Celebration In Paris, one of the most famous paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. In Vincent Van Gogh painted The Fourteenth Of July Celebration in Paris.

Vincent van Gogh (d.o.d. 7/29/1890)  van Gogh, as many of us learned as children in school, was a famous Dutch post-impressionist artist.  when you go Ghost Hunting, you might wish to dye your hair red, and "Gogh" dressed like the painter (see self-portrait).  Notorious for having gone insane and then cut off his own right ear (ouch!), wearing a bandage as part of your costume is optional.

Self Portrait with Straw Hat, , oil on × cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, post impressionist, Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear

Vincent van Gogh - Self-portrait with bandaged ear Courtauld Institute) - Vincent van Gogh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Van Gogh

Trees and Windmill under Storm Clouds, 1883