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Skull Collection, by Wolf Tea

wolftea: “ a bit of my smaller skull collection…. along with a big goofy plastic replica human skull ”

Frederick Ruysch  http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederik_Ruysch

Frederik Ruysch (March 1638 – February was a Dutch botanist and anatomist, remembered for his developments in anatomical preservation and the

havingbeenbreathedout:Dan McCarthy, “Symbiosis”

artparasite: “ Symbiosis, Dan McCarthy ” it’s true, i’m a sucker for symmetry


Morbid Anatomy: Announcing a New Virtual Museum Dedicated to Frederik Ruysch Anatomical Artist, Museologist, Morbid Anatomy Patron Saint!

Scientific Illustration

Some plates for Darwin Day from Thesaurus Animalium Primus by Dutch botanist and anatomist Frederik Ruysch. As is evident from these examples, Ruysch wasn't above some frivolous indulgence w.

Macabre - Cabinet of Curiosities

vintagegal: Skeleton of conjoined twins engraved plate by Johann Gottlieb Walter 1775

Scientific Illustration | biomedicalephemera: Vespertilio spectrum (now...

biomedicalephemera: “ Vespertilio spectrum (now Vampyrum spectrum) - The Spectral Bat Also known as the false vampire bat and Linnaeus’ vampire bat, the spectral bat may not bite humans like the.