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Here is a picture of Bob Marley taking part of one of their religious practices. Marley is considered a legend, spreading peace, love, and happiness to everyone who listens to his music.

Bob Marley Quotes

I want to disturb my neighbour, 'Cause I'm feelin' so right; I want to turn up my disco, Blow them to full watts tonight, eh! - RNM February 1945 – May 1981

Every little thing's gonna be all right. Celebrate the wisdom, power, and joy of Bob Marley by streaming some of his classics right now on Spotify.

15 Bob Marley Lyrics To Live By

To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake. Bob Marley

I come from a background of extremely religious people you all need to read this, I'm just saying.

Las guerras seguirán mientras el color de la piel siga siendo más importante que el de los ojos. Bob Marley.

BOB MARLEY died 36 years to young a man and his band who brought people together. Very much missed!