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Sea otter has a dainty yawn - December 2013

Toola, the female sea otter who inspired California state legislation to better protect her species and was a pioneer in surrogate motherhood for stranded pups.

Otter 501 meanders through the tidal creeks near Yampah Island in Elkhorn Slough with a dozing pup on her chest. She massages the pup’s rump and blows air into its fur as she makes her way toward a…

Baby otter squeaks when introduced to water! Footage from the feature film Otter 501:        Meet the playful heroine of the feature film Otter 501! She was rescued on the central coast of California after being separated from her mother, and with a little help from the Monterey Bay Aquarium she’ll hopefully become a wild otter again.

Baby otter squeaks when introduced to water! Footage from the feature film Otter 501

Shedd, Monterey Bay Offer Second Chance For Sea Otter Pup | Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium staff teaching orphaned pup ‘how to be an otter’ - A weeks-old sea otter pup found alone and afraid on a California beach has a second chance at life, thanks in part to the Shedd Aquarium.

Chicago Shedd Aquarium baby otter

This Orphaned Otter Pup Is Slowly Learning How To Otter

A Chicago aquarium is showing off its newest addition – a five-week-old orphaned sea otter pup. Known so far as ‘Pup the female otter was found “crying” on a California beach on September

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Otter Gang Says You've Wandered onto the Wrong Dock

Otter Gang Says You’ve Wandered onto the Wrong Dock Via Andrew Reding [Port of Bellingham, WA, U.

TIL sea otter pups sleep on their moms.

TIL sea otter pups sleep on their moms.

Sea otter mom and pup at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sea otter pups sleep on their moms.

I otter be an otter.

Otter has a nice, quiet little rest - March 2014

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little brown otter

This sea otter pup was rescued at California's Central Coast. Now he lives in Monterey Bay Aquarium. Take a visit to the aquarium, or walk/kayak along the coast to see some of Monterey's famous otters.