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Crisp – Covert-Novelist

Crisp – Covert-Novelist

Men and women run for around four miles at the mid-summer Red Dress Run, spurred on by beer and charity. Description from pinterest.com. I…

"Co-workers" - Funny Maxine!

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Maxine on identity theft


Crabby road million dollars


Maxine: I'm texting naked pictures of myself. Serves the NSA right.

There is no such thing as perfect. Be you and do your best today. Affirmation of the Day: I am incredible and value my being.

Maxine cartoon someday I want to be perfect ; until then I'll be happy being incredible :)

Maxine - Moving

Maxine - Moving

Shangrala's Maxine On Holidays

I resolve to lose ten pounds or my temper - whichever comes first

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Maxine  maxine

Maxine Spring Quote - yup gotta love this


There's a nip in the air, but if you wear a thicker sweater no one has to know.

Mmmm maybe a Secret Board !!

Mmmm maybe a Secret Board !

I don't have enough to manage

Personally, I've been worried about the "fiscal cliff" for years. Cliff is the name of my money manager

Image result for Maxine Cartoons On Aging

Image result for Maxine Cartoons On Aging

Maxine Quotes On God | maxine

*I so agree Maxine ( :

I'm aging like a fine wine...

maxine s witty aging quote in this maxine quote gallery a creation of .