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Identified 1 9 Plate Ambrotype of Elegant Gentleman A Sharp Image | eBay

Identified 1 9 Plate Ambrotype of Elegant Gentleman A Sharp Image

Direct Gaze Lace and Tassels 6th plate Daguerreotype by depthandtime, Flickr -- Stunning!

Direct Gaze Lace and Tassels Daguerreotype (depthandtime) Tags: old portrait woman vintage found lace antique gloves dag daguerreotype foundphoto direct tassels cased


William Edward Kilburn (British, Hand-tinted Quarter-plate Daguerreotype of a Girl

Unknown Confederate soldier with dog.  Love this and don't ever remember ever seeing a photo like this before.

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with shotgun sitting next to dog] (LOC)

Waters got it on consignment from a collector in Rochester, New York, who can’t remember where or when he found it except that maybe it was in the nineteen-seventies, at an estate sale not far from his house. Many more daguerreotypes of women breastfeeding have turned up since. It was, apparently, quite a fad.    Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2012/05/breastfeeding-time-magazine-cover.html#ixzz1utvf3uR9

Overexposed: Breastfeeding in America

Daguerreotype from around 1852 - housed in a small hinged velvet-lined case. Instead, someone who adored this woman and this child, kept it close, inside a pocket, secret and beloved.

Handsome young Teddy Roosevelt. One of the most awesome (yet... maybe a little awkward?) blogs ever. My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.

Apparently there used to be a rule that to be President you had to be hot. This is a young Teddy Roosevelt folks. ooooh that's why they named the Teddy Bear after him.