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Oh God! I was a sobbing mess...

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Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato, funny, text

Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato, funny, text (Kakashi is bad)

Kakashi Hatake (Demotivational Poster) by KakaSakuObessive

Decided to post something other than simply fanfiction for once Kakashi Hatake (Demotivational Poster)


Imagem de kakashi, naruto, and hatake kakashi

I almost think he looks better with the mask, it just seems weird to see him without it. Also I wish it wasn't a side view.

Kakashi without mask possibility

Minato actually did have senjutsu but he was very bad at it

Minato actually did have senjutsu but he was very bad at it <<you say that but as he said it he did a perfect frog sage mode

To bad my crush doesn't say that to me  Btw if any of my friends see this you don't know who my crush is because I don't like the guy you think I like. Haha

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Kakashi Hatake from Naruto Aaaaaaaaa! Don't even have to order me lol it's a yes all the way😍❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️

The end of Naruto will be announced by the revealing of Kakashi's face.

The main villan... Tobi = Obito

XD <<< Technically, he's the second biggest bad guy, but it's still funny.

TVShow Time - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations S01E05 - The Mysterious Transfer Student!

A fabulous parent yeah.

Akatsuki orphan comic

Akatsuki Orphan - Comic 7 by JericaLilith

Naruto birthday game me is Kiba makes a youtube video with you because he thinks that you are adorebale <3

Naruto birthday game: mine is Gaara wants to fight me just for fun

Sakura, Kakashi, text, comic, assembly, Gaara, ninjas, army; Naruto

Kakashi was a jerk to her, but he already had his hands full with just Naruto, not even including Sasuke

Sad, but glad he made it or my favorite character would have died

"Peut être la seul fois où Kakashi est arrivé à temps!

Its so funny and cute ,if only it was real rather than a fan fiction! T_T

These days, dads are doing it better

Minato, Kakashi & Young Naruto ~ Too adorable! And Minato's death glare is priceless.

And here I was, thinking this had something to do with 1000 years of death! AAAAAAAWWWW!!

Naruto and Kakashi Pt.