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[OC] Aviation Infrastructure: Airports Graveyards and Assembly

Northrop Grumman X-47B

This stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the size of a fighter jet, and will be taking off and landing from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This is an unusual overhead view of the scary looking plane, which was mistaken for a UFO at least once.

Flying ship cool

the sustainable future of flight – futuristic air cruiseship – imagined by Dassault Systèmes. – worlds longest aircraft combines parts from airships, planes and helicopters.

The Long Lost World of the Luxury Flying Boat

A Pan Am flying boat at the New York City Marine Air Terminal circa the


The Raptor is one of the most secretive planes in existence. The military doesn't want you to know much about this stealth monster, but that's why

Appointment Across the Channel by Arcas-Art.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Luft 46 Appointment Across the Channel by Rob-Caswell on deviantART

USAF Strategic Airplane Bombers Educational Military Chart Poster 36 x

Que the Top Gun music!

Best photos of the week (80 Photos)

United States Navy Boeing Super Hornet glowing hot on deck. (Photo: US Navy)

Military and Aviation : Boeing Stratojet using JATO bottles for take-off.

Graphicnews: CHINA: J-31 stealth fighter

2012 in infographics: how Graphic News saw the world

Мечеть и культурный центр в городе Сабах ночью с квадрокоптера

Мечеть и культурный центр в городе Сабах ночью с квадрокоптера

Победители фотоконкурса Drone Photography Contest 2017 « FotoRelax

Prize Winner – Nature: Provence, summer trim by jcourtial During the past few years, drones have dramatically changed the landscape of photography.