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Walder Frey and Roose Bolton  Hahahha laughed way to hard at this

Game of Thrones Wedding Crashers.I shouldn't laugh because that episode was nuts.but this is pretty funny

#GameOfThrones Bran Is The Reason For Game Of Thrones | Meme | Game Of Thrones Memes and Quotes

disobeys mom about climbing resulting chain of events leads - Bad Luck Bran Stark aww but i like climbing trees

You know nothing, Chris Martin.

During the GOT cast's Red Nose Day prep with Coldplay, Rose Lesie (Ygritte) defends her man, Kit Harrington, (Jon Snow) the best way she knows how, as John Bradley-West (Samwell Tarley) looks on.

game of thrones :)

A Suggestion For Emmy Voters