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OurBoys♥ - One Direction Fan Art - Fanpop fanclubs


it is funny because I talked with Harry AND wrote them a song and he liked it

Niall is Cute & Irish, Liam is Sexy & Smart, Harry is Hot & Dangerous, Zayn is Quiet & Mysterious, & Louis is Funny & Adorable. I love these guys so much ! <3

The Cute & Irish Niall Horan. The Sexy & Smart Liam Payne. The Hot & Dangerous Harry Styles. The Quiet And Mysterious Zayn Malik. The Funny & Adorable Louis Tomlinson.

#ChristianDirectioner just putting it out there because im proud to be both but I have no offense to anyone with another religion in the slightest :) -D.F.L

I don't agree with the "remember, God saw you ignore this picture." That is not Christianity, but I am a proud to be a Christian Directioner

AND PERRIE ...... anyone who hates on ANY of them, you are not a REAL directioner,, be happy that THEY are happy <3 <3 <3

Don't forget Perrie :) And I all of their girlfriends, except for Tayler, I never liked her, srry :)


One Direction + 5 Seconds Of Summer = Perfect Boy Bands Ever.


From the 'iCarly' episode 'iGo One Direction' One Direction - Butter Sock

this fandom....<<this is so true but us non crazed fans gotta stick together because I can see someone trying to fund this

if every directioner gave a dollar, we could buy zayn. haha this is fantastic.<<< we should each just give like 10 dollars and buy all of them

You would think but NOPE

tom holland on

yeah louis has got it right, Plus Harry. I drink totally drink tea like that.

Liam is making us wait lol

Zayn: whole album just bc Zayn isn't in the band doesn't mean we can't put his name. Anyways , Liam has strip that down now so .

i would cry if my guy did this for me

Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell, you don't know oh oh you don't know your beautiful:)