Totally happened. I wish Harry helped the twins with the pranks more, it was in his blood right?

Mareena should be able too right Mar, right. Please talk with Evi. Oh look Eve blew up a building.

Marauders - Book about the marauders would be the best thing in the world!!! :)

As my friend said, we would know how it ends, so why bother? But this is one instance where I don't feel that way. Especially Jily. I want to know Jily.

The Marauders and McGonagall

MERLINS EARS ARE BURNING (points if you get the fanfic reference if not, read Tightly Knit(Fred Weasly) on wattpad bcuz it is AMAZING and it has more sequels pouring in every week!

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The Potter Gene...

This is why they weren't in Ravenclaw.poor Hermione probably has a permanent facepalm mark on her forehead after all these years.taking care of her ridiculous pet wizards. <--THAT COMMENT :D

Lolololol muggleborns

Muggleborns at Hogwarts. How would muggleborns charge their phones? Does magic work on phones?<<<<< Muggleborns can't use technology at hogwarts because the magic ruins there signal and messes up their phone but still this is really cute!


I don't know why I'm pinning this but I am and by the way NO I do not ship wolfstar you sick people<<<<<we are sick?Non wolfstar shippers are sick. is Brotp

I can see this happening- and Dumbledore just playing along for the fun if it....

Well, Dumbledore is gay. I never thought that. But I think Sirius really liked the bragging rights. << Friend he is definitely gay, canonically, he even dated? I think dated Grindelwald


Why do I have the feeling that it would be Magenta, as in the character from Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I love this so much! Just imaging Teddy Lupin doing this!

This has to of happened. I can just imagine myself next to a metamorphmagus and taking selfies with them with the caption"Here with my homie Pete Wentz who is in the wizbiz!" And just send it to my muggle friends