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📌 5 Types of Pins You Need to Know About: How to Use Them the Right Way for Your Business

Published on September 24, 2021
One of the biggest mistakes I see many businesses make is they spend several hundreds if not thousands of dollars not having a strategy for the type of images they should be creating for Pinterest. They figure… let’s just slap an image on there and voila it will go viral!
    📸On Pinterest the starting point of connecting with Pinterest users are with your videos and images. If you want to hook people and get them to engage with your content you’d better have images that matter to your target audience.
      👉Standard pins is the oldest type of image on Pinterest. And simply not getting the attention it used to get.
        👉If you are a blogger or a course creator it's best that you use: Idea Pins and Video Pins. If you really want to use Standard Pins I would focus on creating infographics.
          👉Carousel pins are great for telling your brand story or showing the benefits of the product or multiple ways your product can be used. It's great for showcasing smaller collections as well. You can show up to five slides and you can buy ads to boost your content. You won't be charged extra if you're featuring all five slides.
            👉Bottom line; regardless of what your vertical is, Idea Pins and Video Pins will get you the highest engagement. However you need to know that at this time you cannot click on an Idea Pin which means you may not get as many outbound links. You are also not allowed to add URL links in the description and that's because Pinterest wants to keep their audience on the platform as long as possible and not back to your website. Regardless of that your Idea Pins will perform better than your Standard Pins.
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