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George Harrison.

Toay in George Harrison quits the Beatles for a short while, making him the second Beatle to do so (Ringo had left the group for a brief period a year earlier).

George Harrison in 1967

The Beatles featuring Paul McCartney George Harrison John Lennon and Ringo Starr

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Nothing Is Gonna Change My World (McLennon, Starrison)

1961. George Harrison photographed by friend Jürgen Vollmer at the Rabenstraße Stop in Hamburg during their first Hamburg tour with performances at The Top Ten Club. Photo: Jürgen Vollmer. #TheBeatles #1961 #GeorgeHarrison

Teddy boy George photographed by friend Jurgen Vollmer in 1961 at Rabenstraße Stop in Hamburg. “In Astrid Kirchherr took some superlative photos of The Beatles in Hamburg. She took none at all.

George Harrison

George Harrison ~ Paperback Writer/Rain photo shoot May 1966 at Chiswick House in London

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thateventuality: “ Scan - George Harrison in Rome during The Beatles’ European tour, 27 June 1965 Photo: Marcello Geppetti ”